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The author’s biographical note is supposed to make it pretty clear why he was led to write this book in a language almost completely foreign to his everyday world.
This book is the offspring of two different states of mind; initially, in the spring of 2020, the purpose was to overcome the boresome loneliness of the confinement imposed by the widespread pandemic; and thus an argumentative essay was constructed, titled — in a rather technical style: The exact trianglature of the semicircle in the 20th century USA — and eventually uploaded, as a critical paper, on the internet platform. Then suddenly, last autumn, the surprising news that a pirated edition of this article was being sold in Central Europe (in Germany and Switzerland, at least) in e-book format, seemingly an auspicious omen, rang a bell: the main project was feasible.
The main project, now the purpose of this book, is to document global citizenship about a well-hidden case of corporate wrongdoing. Really, never in the history of science, not even in the time of the Pythagoreans twenty-five centuries ago, has a corporation of scientists ever gone so far in covering up a scientific feat owing to mere and vulgar sectarianism as the various guilds of mathematicians, principally the International Mathematical Union, over the last four decades. On a certain page of this book, the reader will find, written in just two lines of text in elementary symbolic notation, a mathematical proof dating from the late 1970s which the international scientific communities in the field and not only had been looking for since 1665… and was then buried alive.
To definitely and openly prove that proof wrong or, if impossible, to definitively, competently and honestly recognize its perfect exacteness is the challenge left here to the IMU as the champion of all mathematical societies in the world: in a word, to this august, long-stealthy Mathemafia.

Carlos Correia de Matos was born in Viana do Castelo, NW Portugal, by the end of the Second World War and says he is determined not to embark for the Elysian Fields before the International Mathematical Union becomes a great, decent institution again.
He holds three university degrees (plus a postgraduation), each of which confers him a professional title: auditor (certified public accountant), economist and lawyer. As an economist, he was approved in the first public competition ever opened by a Portuguese university to recruit assistant professors (1977, Porto Faculty of Economics); however, he then opted for a better-paying career in the banking sector, where he developed competencies in the field of financial mathematics.
There, he would devise an original, swifter formula for the calculation of the present value (and, therefore, of the periodic instalment) of an annuity for the amortization of a loan under the simple interest capitalization regime, the manuscript of which he later on offered to whomever it may interest (thinking, especially, of the World Bank):; in those days, under 40, he was lucky enough to have the time and the pleasure, as an amateur number theorist, to solve a couple of famous problems of higher arithmetic, namely Fermat’s (and its dual) and Catalan’s.
As an expert accountant, his truly crowning distinction was the veto to his appointment as the statutory auditor of VianaPolis, a public corporation for the requalification and environmental valorization of his hometown, in 2000, by a general assembly of just two entites entities (the home State and the local Municipality) controlled by the Minister of Environment who is currently the former Portuguese Prime Minister best known for the worst reasons.


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